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Last update: 17-11-2006
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Simplified and accelerated procedures - Austria



Summary proceedings for orders to pay debts Summary proceedings for orders to pay debts
1. Is there a simplified procedure for pecuniary claims which are expected to remain uncontested? 1.
1.1. Scope of application of summary proceedings for orders to pay debts 1.1.
a) In which cases can use be made of summary proceedings for orders to pay debts? a)
b) Is there a limitation of the value in dispute in summary proceedings for orders to pay debts? b)
c) Is it compulsory or optional to file an application for an order to pay a debt through the procedure in question? c)
d) Can a claim be made through the summary proceedings for orders to pay debts if the defendant lives in another member state or in a third country? d)
1.2. Jurisdiction of the courts 1.2.
1.3. Formal requirements 1.3.
a) Is there an obligatory standardised form to be used when applying for a default summons? a)
b) Is representation by a lawyer mandatory in summary proceedings for orders to pay debts? b)
c) How much detail do I have to go into when making a claim in the form of an application for a default summons? c)
d) Do I have to provide evidence for the claim on which my application for a default summons is based? What sort of documents are admissible evidence? d)
1.4. Refusal to issue a default summons 1.4.
1.5. Rights of appeal 1.5.
1.6. Possible objections 1.6.
1.7. Consequences of an objection 1.7.
1.8. Consequences of failing to lodge an objection 1.8.
a) What happens when the defendant fails to raise an objection? Under what circumstances is the default summons enforceable by execution? a)
b) Is there any other right of appeal against a default summons? b)
Proceedings for petty cases Proceedings for petty cases
1. Are there separate proceedings for petty cases? 1.
1.1. Scope of application for proceedings for petty cases 1.1.
1.2. Is the procedure compulsory or optional? 1.2.
1.3. Standardised form 1.3.
1.4. Provision of assistance 1.4.
1.5. Rules of evidence in proceedings for petty cases 1.5.
1.6. Written or oral procedures 1.6.
1.7. Copies of a judgment 1.7.
1.8. Reimbursement of costs and expenses 1.8.
1.9. What rights of appeal are there against a decision made in proceedings for petty cases? 1.9.


Further information

Further information is obtainable from the Federal Ministry of Justice. Austrian laws and regulations are available in the federal legal information system. Deutsch 

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Last update: 17-11-2006

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