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European Civil Justice Day 2008



National events:

Cyprus  Czech Republic  Estonia  Germany  Greece  Italy  Moldova  Netherlands  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Slovenia  Sweden  United Kingdom



On the 23/10/2008, the President of the Supreme Court will address the audience with the subject "Freedom of Speech and Expression-Freedom of the Press, Libel Law and the privilege secured"


On the same day, an opening of a law publication will be held.


On the 24/10, a Supreme Court Judge will address high school children about Civil Justice and the procedure in Cyprus.


Czech Republic

Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic will organise an event on 30th of November, under the auspices of Minister Mr. Pospisil and head of the Municipal court in Prague Mr. Svacek followed by the press conference (in the court premises Na Míčankach in Prague). They will launch a campaign focused on students to raise their awareness in the area of civil law and start essey writting competition on this topic.



On 24th October, there will be an open day with free access of the citizens and guided tours both in the Supreme Court and Tartu County Court (1st level court that adjudicates in civil law matters). The justices of these courts will take part in those guided tours.



06 November 2008

This years German Event for the European Day of Civil Justice will take place on November 6, 2008 in Leipzig, Saxony. The citizens` attention will be drawn to the event which is aimed at a broad audience containing schoolchildren and students as well as a specialized juristic public. Civil Justice in Europe will be brought closer to the people this way. In particular the cross-border exchange of experience between jurists from neighbouring European countries will be supported. For this reason there will be a close cooperation with the Judges from the Court Sąd Okręgowy in Krakow and the Polish Ministry of Justice. The Event is held by the Land Saxony supported by the Federal Contact Point in the European Judicial Network.


Special parts of the programme:

In the morning process simulations will take place following both German and Polish procedural rules and comparing and discussing those with the addressed schoolchildren and students from both countries.

The afternoon programme is aimed at the interested public and focusing mainly on consumer protection rights in Europe. Other topics will be the execution of judgements in European countries in general, the Polish laws on that in particular and the influence of European law on the German civil law. Several important experts in the fields will give talks. The afternoon programme will be ended by Ministerialdirektorin Marie Luise Graf- Schlicker from the German Ministry of Justice giving a talk about “The National Judge and European Law”. Special interest will be drawn to the influence of European Law to the day-to-day work of German Courts. 

In the evening, a ceremonial act is planned with welcoming words i.e. by the Minister of Justice of the Saxony, the consul general of Poland in Leipzig and high representatives of the German and Polish Ministries of Justice. The European day of Civil Justice will be closed by a speech of a prominent guest.



16 October 2008

Celebrating event for the European Day of Civil Justice in Greece will take place at the Appeal Court in Athens and will be based on the function of the EJN and the presentation of the European law instruments (regulations: 44/2001, 2201/2003, 593/2008, 1896/2006, 805/2004).


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Catania (24 October)

The 3rd plenary meeting of the pilot courts will be held on 24 October in Catania (Italy) on the the following theme: "How to contribute in setting up a quicker justice and a justice of quality?". On this occasion, a network of pilot courts of 2nd authority will also be set up and will hold its 1st meeting on 25 October.

After the meeting on 24th October 2008, the European Commission and the Council of Europe will award the prize "Crystal Scales of Justice".


Milan (25 October)

The Court of Appeal will organise an event.


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On 3 September 2008 the Ministry of Justice drew the attention of the competent authorities (the Supreme Court of Justice, the Superior Council of Magistrates, the Lawyers’ Bar from Moldova, the Constitutional Court, the Ministry of Education and Youth, respective universities etc.) about the importance of celebrating the European Day of Civil Justice in the Republic of Moldova;


The judicial instances, as well as the Supreme Court of Justice, at the Constitutional Court will organize an Open-Door Day on 27 October 2008 where the visitors will be informed about the way of functioning of the judicial instances, the protection of the human rights and freedoms, the history of the foundation of the Constitutional Court; and the Constitutional Court will present the new collection “The Role of the Constitutional Court and the ECHR Case Law in the National System of Protection of the Human Rights”;


A representative of the Ministry of Justice will participate at the broadcast “Juridical Morning” (“Matinal juridic”) with the subject “Justice Transparency as a Main Factor in the Consolidation of a Legal State”, which will take place on 23 October 2008;


The Ministry of Justice will organize informational visits of notaries to educational institutions and to senior centers where they will give information about the application of the civil legislation (e.g. legal, testamentary patrimony, donation contracts, the implementation of the civil rights and obligations of minors under 14 etc.);


On 24 October 2008 the Lawyers’ Bar from Moldova will organize an Open-Door Day;


On 24 October 2008 private lawyer’s offices will give free assistance in the civil matter all over the country;


A round table with the topic “Advocacy as an Always Opened Door for the Law Faculties Graduates” that will take place on 24 October 2008 within the Lawyers’ Bar from Moldova;


A round table with the topic “Civil Justice in the Light of the Challenges of the 21st Century” that will be organized by the Free International University of Moldova and the Institute of Researches in the Field of the Protection of Human Rights, having as participants law faculty students, representatives from the Supreme Court of Justice, the Constitutional Court and other institutions involved in the process of the promotion of civil justice;


On 25 October 2008 the Law and Public Administration Faculty of the Cahul State University “Bogdan Petriceicu Haşdeu” will organize a seminar with the topic “The Role of Justice in the Development of the Legal State”;


The Law Faculty of the Bălţi State University “Alecu Russo” will organize scientific conferences with the participation of students of the respective faculty with the topic “The Civil Procedure as Means of the Realization of the Civil Justice” (15 October 2008), “The Combating of the Juridical Nihilism Among Youth” (20 October 2008), “Justice as the Queen and the Master of All Virtues” (24 October 2008), as well as the contest of simulating hearings “The ECHR Case Law on Civil Cases” (21 October 2008).



19 November 2008

The day was held on the premises of the University of Applied Sciences in Maastricht.

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On 24 October 2008 in the seat of District Court in Pruszków, one of judges of the Civil Department will inform interested individuals about the polish administration of justice and procedure of settling civil matters.


Moreover, on 24 October 2008 in the seat of Regional Court in Warsaw will go on a meeting with pupils of average schools, during which they will hear a lecture on functioning of polish administration of justice and take part in discussion on general questions of civil law and elements of the European law.


On 25th October (9:00 - 13:00), a meeting on “European Law - Family Law” will be held in the District Court of Lublin (room 213) with specialists.


On 25th October, the District Court of Cracow will organise a meeting on Polish justice with pupils of high schools. The District Court of Cracow has also planned meetings with judges and citizens in order to explain them the rules of Polish justice.



In order to commemorate the European Day of Civil Justice, the Portuguese Ministry of Justice, through its Directorate-General for Justice Policy will issue a special newsletter dedicated to the event, on which the several projects on simplification and dematerialization of the civil justice recently developed by Portugal will be mentioned.


Such projects as the Casa Pronta (Fast-track home buying scheme), Associação na Hora (Association on the spot), Empresa na Hora (On the spot firm), «Citius» (IT application for Courts, Public Prosecutors and electronic delivery of judicial cases) and the promotion of the use of ADR will be dealt with on that special number.



On this day, all the courts and prosecutors’ offices are open to the public, and the citizens are invited and guided to visit the judicial institutions, in order to fully understand the way the judicial system functions.


In this regard, every year, the Superior Council of Magistracy coordinates those activities and provides recommendations to all the courts and prosecutors’ offices for the proper organization of this event, as well as informative materials and brochures, which are to be distributed to the visitors and mass media representatives.


Also, the European Day of Civil Justice is celebrated at the premises of Superior Council of Magistracy, which is open to all the public on this day.


Every year, students from 2 high schools, 2 law schools, the National Institute of Magistracy and the National School of Clerks are invited to visit the Superior Council of Magistracy and to become aware of the important role of this institution, as the guarantor of the independence of the judicial system and, on the other hand, to provide a wide perspective for their future careers as legal practitioners.


Informative materials (drafted within the Phare RO 2005/017-553.01.04.07 project – Transparency of the act of justice) regarding the activity of SCM and that of the courts and prosecutors’ offices are distributed to all the visitors, and brochures with the Romanian Constitution and the European Convention of Human Rights are handed to the students.


Moreover, a press conference will be organised by the President of SCM, together with other members of the Council, with the occasion of this event.


All the activities organised in Romania within the framework of the European Day of Civil Justice are in order to raise the awareness of our efforts to increase the accountability of the Romanian judicial system, to improve the relationship between the justice actors and the citizens, by bringing the justice closer to the users of the judicial system and, ultimately, to enhance the transparency of justice.



21 October 2008

To celebrate the European Day of Civil Justice the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia organised on the 21st of October a debate entitled Child in court (Otrok pred sodiščem). The purpose of the event was to raise the awareness of the issues connected with children that participate in court proceedings and to individualise the specific problems that practitioners face in their everyday work with children.


The speakers (10) as well as the participants at the event (almost 140) were professionals from different institutions and environments. After the introduction of the president of the Supreme Court, Mr. Franc Testen, the first two speakers were judges that deal with family law at the District and Higher court of Ljubljana. Next, the deputy of the Human Rights Ombudsman presented the analysis of different problems children and their parents face when dealing with the court – namely the questions of pronouncement of their opinions, injunctions and their temporal validity, the right of trial without undue delay, the right of parents to decide on the upbringing of the child together as well as the enforcement of judicial decisions. The representative of the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social affairs presented the proposed changes for the Family Code, while a representative of the social work centres described their role and experiences.


In the second part of the debate the speakers were representatives of different civil initiatives – the association for the protection of victims, friends of youth, the association against sexual abuse and the one of foster parents. The debate was concluded by the presentation of the Information commissioner that spoke about children in the media. After highlighting the main features of the different circles and categories of privacy she listed some actual court cases in which journalists and publishers were found liable of violating the right of privacy of children.


The presentations of the speakers were followed by lively and interesting debates of the participants. One of the points on which everyone agreed is the need to inform the participants in the judicial proceedings of their rights and describe the situation to children in an appropriate and understandable manner. For this reason the Supreme Court in connection with other institutions will prepare brochures for children that come to court.


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United Kingdom

Equality in Justice event (24 October)

The event is aimed at highlighting the relationship between Equality and Justice. This will include holding a mock court case and tours of the Royal Courts of Justice in London. At this day we will also be launching an initiative to establish an online network of experts in the fields of legal and judicial diversity. The aim is to increase diversity in the legal professions and judiciary.


Parents Week (20-26 October)

The Ministry of Justice plans a number of initiatives to promote the use of family mediation and encourage separating couples to resolve problems without going to court.




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