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We offer two five-month periods of in-service training ('stages') for people who have recently obtained a university diploma and who wish to acquire an understanding of our work and gain work experience in one of the Commission's departments. The programme has been running for 45 years and more than 30,000 people have benefited from this five-month taste of life at the Commission among them many European civil servants are ex-stagiaires and even some European Commissioners!

Traineeships run for 5 months and usually start on1st March and 1st October. For conditions and deadlines for submitting applications please consult the Traineeship web site.

There are two types of traineeships: 

  • Administrative In-Service Training (all services excluding the Translation Directorate-General)
    As an administrative trainee your job would normally be equivalent to that given to 'administrator' officials at the beginning of their career in the Commission e.g. compiling information and documentation, organising working groups, forums, public hearings and meetings, preparing reports and replying to queries, participation in team meetings, filing, linguistic revision of texts, etc. 
  • Written Translation In-Service Training - Translation Directorate-General only
    You will be assigned to a translation unit with translators of your mother tongue. You will do the same work as your staff colleagues, translating into your mother tongue from at least two other Community languages. Your work will be revised by experienced senior staff. Some trainees might be assigned to a support unit within the Directorate-General.

More information on the selection procedure, working conditions, financial grants and other benefits is available on the Commission's traineeships websites.

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