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Specific privacy statement for EU CV-online

Why do we collect the data?

EU CV-online allows you to enter basic details about your professional career in the European Commission's e-CV format and to apply online for certain jobs or to reply to calls for expression of interest published on this human resources portal. The e-CV registration system makes it easier for you to look for vacancies which match your profile and for the recruiting departments to identify suitable candidates for vacant posts.

The system allows you:

  • to create, edit, modify and delete your European e-CV;
  • to search for current vacancies which match your personal profile;
  • to manage the institutions' access rights to your e-CV;
  • to apply online for vacant posts advertised on this portal;
  • to manage your applications and keep track of their status.

What kind of personal data do we collect?

We collect data that are included on the EUROPASS standard European CV. They relate to your identity, your current and previous jobs, your education, experience, knowledge, skills, talents and language skills.

Which technical means do we use to process the data?

All the data are stored in a database on a central server with individual access rights via a browser. Anonymous searches can be programmed via the matching tool to compare the profiles with the requirements for specific jobs within the institutions.
All access to your data, whether to create, consult or update entries, is via a secure Internet protocol (SSL/https).

Who has access to the e-CV information?

If you grant institutional access to your e-CV, the following categories will, by default, have access to your data:

  • human resources management staff;
  • managers;
  • other staff of the institution specifically delegated by a user from either of the abovementioned groups.

They will then be able to search and consult your profile on a read-only basis.

If you do not grant any institution access to your e-CV, only you can access it. You will not be contacted about any vacant post, unless you formally express your interest via an online application in reply to a vacancy notice or a call for expression of interest.

Whether you grant access to institutions or not, your profile data are always processed during anonymous searches but the results consist only of a statistical analysis of the profiles in the system. Your personal data are not revealed by such searches, and you will not be identifiable as the source of the data. Statistical applications of this kind help the EU institutions to assess and improve their personnel marketing. Anonymous searches based on criteria from your CV are necessary in order to provide you with a selection of job vacancy notices that are relevant to you.
You are the only one who has the right to enter your e-CV, to amend your data and to define who has access to them.

How long do we keep your e-CV data?

The data will be kept active for 6 (six) months – or less if you delete your e-CV before then. After that period, you can decide to reactivate your data if you wish your profile to stay in the database. After 12 months of inactivity, the data will be completely removed from the database. Once inactive, your profile will no longer be searchable or included in anonymous searches and will be accessible only for reactivation by you.

Who has access to your application for a specific vacancy or call for expression of interest?

Your application is specifically addressed to the recruiting institution. The persons or categories who have access to your application are stated in the specific notice advertising the vacancy or call for expression of interest. In general, these are the human resources staff of the recruiting institution, the manager(s) of the recruiting department and the persons to whom they specifically delegate rights of access to this file for the administration or to take part in the selection process. Nobody else is informed that you have applied, and nobody else has access to your application file.

You can access, update and amend your application until the deadline for submitting applications elapses. From then on, you can access your application, but not amend it any more. You are kept informed about the progress of the selection process through the application management tool. All your formal communications with the recruiting entity will be channelled through the EU CV-online system.

How long do we keep your application data?

For consultation and review purposes, the applications are kept on file for another 12 months after the appointment of the selected recruit. After this period, they are deleted from the database where only a purely anonymous summary of the applications is kept for statistical purposes. No copies of individual applications are kept.

You have access to your past applications as long as they are kept in the database.

Which security measures are in place against misuse or unauthorised access?

The information system is protected against unauthorised use. Only identified authorised recipients have access, protected by a login and a password, over a secure internet or intranet connection. Users within the institutions are given access rights corresponding to the requirements of their job and only to the data relevant for their purposes. The Controller General responsible for the e-CV data is the Director for Personnel and Careers in the European Commission Directorate-General Human Resources and Security. The controllers responsible for the data made available for a specific selection procedure are the persons indicated for the relevant selection procedure.

Whom to contact?

The following can be contacted on personal data protection issues:

You have the right of recourse at any time to the European Data Protection Supervisor:

Commission civil service