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EU CV Online

Applied to take a contract agent pre-selection test?

To be recognised as a pre-selection test candidate, please enter carefully the reference of your pre-selection test (EU25, RELEX, etc.) as well as your candidate number under the heading "additional information".

Please remember to fill in the "Information to be completed by open competition/selection laureates" section.

Want to work on a temporary contract?

Temporary or contract agents cover a variety of tasks and expertise for periods ranging from a few weeks to often several years. You can submit your spontaneous candidature via EU CV online.

This online database is the source of choice for our managers looking for candidates for specific job openings which do not require a special selection procedure. You simply register. Nothing else needs to be done. If we are interested in you, we will contact you by e-mail or by telephone.

How to enter/update your CV

Access to EU CV online is easy:

Do not forget to grant access to your CV ("make my CV accessible"), if you want to make it available to our services, and to keep it up to date (or to remove it if you are no longer interested in being recruited by us).

Please note also that your registration with the database does not constitute any obligation to offer you a job in the Commission or any other Institution or body.

More on the processing of your data

Who consults this database?

This database is managed by the European Commission. It will be shared with other European and international organisations. When new organisations join the database, you will be informed and will be able to decide if they can access your data.

If you have already registered with EPSO or other Commission application databases like ELSA (jobs in the research field), please register again. We apologise for the multiple entries that you may need to undertake for the time being. We are, however, in the process of consolidating the various databases. If you are registered with another database, the service in charge will inform you of any integration or linking of their database with EU CV Online.

What about the privacy of your data?

We apply the highest privacy standards in full respect of the European Regulation on data protection EC 45/2001. Please consult our specific privacy statement.

What if you are already working for a European Institution or body?

If you are already working for a European Institution or body, you are welcome to register, thereby enabling recruiting services from any of the participating entities to access your data.

On EU CV Online in General

EU CV Online is available in the three working languages of the European Commission: English, French and German. However, in those sections of the online form where you can enter free text, you may do so in more than one of these languages, if you wish.

What comes next?

Once you have registered, you do not need to take any further action. If we are interested in your profile, we will contact you by email or telephone. As the system grows, you will be informed of any relevant new services or improvements.

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