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Information guide on the real estate procedures of the Commission

The European Commission regularly adopts documents related to the buildings policy which it wishes to establish in order to meet its own accommodation needs. In the most recent Communication [COM (2007) 501], the Commission decided to increase transparency by publishing information which would be useful for the different actors on the real estate market in Brussels and Luxembourg. This property guide is intended to meet that purpose.

This guide contains a set of documents which should help these interested parties to understand the overall aims of the Commission's buildings policy. In addition to these general principles, documents of a more technical nature outline the concrete way in which the Commission applies these principles. As a result, different actors on the real estate market will be able to better appreciate and predict the European Commission's possible future building needs.

Over time, this guide will evolve to reflect any changes or developments in the policy area. It will be regularly updated in order to give quick and easy access to the latest versions of the documents.

This guide is not a contractual document and does not replace the European Commission's specific procedures related to the property market. 

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The European Commission Communication on the Policy for the accommodation [ COM(2007)501final ] of the Commission services in Brussels and Luxemburg on 5 September 2007 describes the guidelines of the Commission installation policy of its services in Brussels and Luxembourg.
The European Commission Communication [C (2008) 2299] established a methodology to be followed by the services of the Commission for prospecting and negotiating for buildings.

The Manual of the standard Building (MIT) – Brussels describes the technical features that the buildings of the European Commission in Brussels have to respect.

In Brussels, OIB (Office Infrastructures Brussels) developed a table of conformity to the applicable standards for the standard building for the use of the property operators. 

The Manual of the standard Building (MIT) – Luxembourgdescribes the technical features that the buildings of the European Commission in Luxembourg have to respect. (Document "Standard Building" for Luxembourg is currently being drafted).

The Financial Regulationand the Implementing rules define the budgetary procedures applicable to the European Commission, and inter alia, the rules concerning the markets.

The "Legal" guides are documents which explain how the Commission proceeds as regards contracts for its buildings.

  1. An information guide on the granting of a usufruct of a building in Brussels pdf - 124 KB [124 KB] français (fr)
  2. Guide to acquire full ownership of a building in Brussels pdf - 112 KB [112 KB] français (fr)

The Measuring code pdf - 290 KB [290 KB] français (fr) , which is an inter-institutional document, precises the technical conditions relating to the definitions of spaces, the applicable manner of measuring them and the standards on the matter.

The manual concerning the Architectural policy pdf - 147 KB [147 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr) defines the principles to be followed to guarantee a high architectural quality for the buildings of the European Commission.

The Mobility plan pdf - 959 KB [959 KB] français (fr)  drawn up by the European Commission makes it possible to understand better how the Institution envisages the mobility of its personnel. A new version is in preparation.

The Offices responsible for implementing the Commission's buildings policy publish their calls for tender, including those related to real estate , on the following pages:

A regular consultation of these pages makes it possible to keep itself informed of the published property markets.

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