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When you receive a job offer from the Commission you will also receive a detailed list of contact points where you can obtain more information about the practical details of settling down in your new place of employment.

However, what if you have just passed an open competition and you are on a reserve list, but have not yet received a job offer from the Commission? You may also be interested in having an overview of the main practicalities that you need to take into account when moving to a new country.

The Commission's Welcome Office in Brussels edits a guide which is delivered to people who have already received a job offer from the Commission. For a copy of this guide, please contact the Welcome Office on +3222966600 (Brussels) - (352) 4301 33000) (Luxembourg).

Of course, this document is far from being exhaustive but we hope you will find it useful to give you a preliminary idea of the practical aspects of life in Brussels.


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