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EUPAN - European Public Administration Network

EUPAN structure and Commission's role

EUPAN is an informal network between civil servants from all EU countries to cooperate and exchange knowledge in the field of public administration.

This cooperation is organised on three levels:

  • Political: Ministers and the Commissioner responsible for Public Administration
  • Management: Directors-General or Heads of Administration
  • Technical: working groups on human resources, innovative public services, eGovernment; experts meetings on better regulation; meetings of the Directors of Institutes and Schools for Public Administration.

Within the Commission, Vice-President Günther H. Oettinger, who is responsible for administrative affairs, assures the representation at political level, whilst participation at management and technical level is coordinated by staff of the Human Resources and Security Directorate-General.

Broadly speaking, Commission's role in EUPAN is to:

  • avoid duplication of work undertaken in the Community framework and
  • help to identify working areas which complement the activities undertaken in the Community Institutions.

The meetings are called at the initiative of each EU Presidency. Issues at stake and agenda are available on EUPAN website.

The European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA) is also part of the network.

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