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EMAS: practicing what we preachEMAS: practicing what we preach

Since 1993, European companies have been able to evaluate, report and improve on their environmental performance with EMAS, the European Union's Eco-Management and Audit Scheme. In 2001 the scheme was extended to cover public and private organisations alike and the Commission made the political decision to practice what it preaches and to apply the EMAS Regulation to its own activities!

In 2005, four Commission Directorate-Generals and services obtained EMAS certification for greening their daily activities. Since January 2010, this system has progressively extended to all the services' activities and buildings in Brussels and Luxembourg, significantly increasing the number of concerned employees from 4,000 to approximately 31,000 persons. The European Commission obtained the renewal of its EMAS Registration in 2011 and extended the perimeter of EMAS to all of its services in Brussels (in relation to the five pilot services of the previous EMAS registrations). In 2012, the scope of the EMAS registration has been extended to all Commission’s services in Luxembourg. In 2013, the JRC-Petten joined as well. The EMAS scope will gradually extend to the other JRC research centres (already ISO 14 001 certified, in Geel, Karlsruhe, Seville and Ispra) and DG SANTE's site in Grange during the coming years.

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Contact information

Mr. Celso Sanchez Martinez - EMAS Management Representative
European Commission - DG HR: Human Resources and Security
Unit DS.6: Health and Safety Policy
Rue Montoyer 34, MO34 04/30, B-1049 Brussels/Belgium

The other members of the Commission’s EMAS Coordination Team are: Mr. Michael Rourke – EMAS Officer and Ms Sofia Gregou – EMAS Communication, Training and Documentation.

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