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Who we are

The term “European Commission” refers in the first instance to the 28 Commissioners appointed by the EU Member States after approval by the European Parliament. However, the “Commission” also refers to the institution and its approximately 32 546 staff.

Too many? Not really, if you consider that we are responsible for a wide variety of policy areas and activities and that we are just as big as the local authority of a medium-sized European city! 

It is difficult to sketch a picture of an average Commission official, as we come from such a wide range of cultural, linguistic, social and ethnic backgrounds. Our diversity reflects the very diversity of the European Union itself, making the Commission a melting pot of European languages and cultures.

To give you a flavour of who we are and what we do, we have asked some of our colleagues to tell us about their job. Find out about what they do by clicking on each picture.



Matthias LangemeyerJeremy LesterAnne RopersGiorgio ClarottiValerie O’BrienDorota Lewczuk-BiancoMarta Sanz Fernández


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