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How we work

Civil servants work within operational departments, called Directorates-General (DGs). Each DG is in charge of a specific policy area: agriculture, competition, economic and financial affairs, and so on.
Every DG comes under the responsibility of one of the Commissioners, who is assisted by his/her private office or ‘cabinet’.

Proposals for new EU laws are drafted by the Commission civil service in collaboration with their Commissioner and his/her cabinet. The ‘college’ of Commissioners meets once a week. These meetings usually take place in Brussels on Wednesdays. Each item on the agenda is presented by the Commissioner responsible for that policy area, and the college takes a collective decision on it.

Take a closer look at the Commission’s work:

When we work, we are expected at all times to act objectively, impartially, in the Community interest and for the public good. In practice, we are bound by specific codes of conduct, rules and principles with regard to our activities and our relations with the public, the press, civil society, etc. In short, our activities are guided by the following principles:

Commission civil service