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EU Citizenship – Committee of Regions study questionnaire


The Committee of the Regions is carrying out a Study on the Role of Local and Regional Authorities in the promotion of EU Citizenship and Citizens’ Rights Your opinion is important – Please participate in the survey!

2013 will be the European Year of Citizens. Its aim is to ensure that all Union citizens are aware of the rights available to them in particular in a cross-border context by virtue of their status as European Union citizens.

Against this background, the Committee of Regions (CoR) has commissioned the Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services (CSES) to carry out a ‘Study on the Role of Local and Regional Authorities in the promotion of EU Citizenship and Citizens’ Rights’. The purpose of the study is to investigate the role local and regional authorities can have in implementing and fostering citizens' rights connected to Union citizenship.

The study will be presented at a Forum organised by the CoR on 28 November 2012 in preparation of the Year 2013. The results of the study will be distributed in several languages to ensure that local and regional authorities in all Member States can draw inspiration from the examples presented in the study.

As part of the study, CSES is carrying out a survey. Apart from asking questions about the extent to which EU citizens' rights are being promoted in your municipality or region, the survey also seeks to find examples of good practices that other Local and Regional Authorities might learn from.

We would very much appreciate your inputs to this survey by the end of June 2012.

The questionnaire is available through the following link: A translated version in all official EU languages will be available on that website as of 22 May.


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