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Nachrichten / Veranstaltungen

Future Europe for citizens' Programme 2014 - 2020: adoption of the Council Regulation by the College


The Proposal for a COUNCIL REGULATION establishing for the period 2014-2020 the programme "Europe for Citizens" has been adopted by the College

The general objective of the future programme will be to "strengthen remembrance and enhance capacity for civic participation at the Union level". To this, the programme would contribute by developing citizens' organisations' capacity to engage citizens in the democratic life of the Union. The specific objectives proposed would comprise:

– Stimulate debate, reflection and cooperation on remembrance, Union integration and history;

– Develop citizens' understanding and capacity to participate in the Union policy making process and develop opportunities for solidarity, societal engagement & volunteering at Union level.

A budget of EUR 229 million for the period 2014-2020 is proposed to be allocated for the "Europe for Citizens" programme.

Text of the Proposal

PDFEnglishpdf(233 KB) Übersetzung für diesen Link wählen 
PDFfrançaispdf(240 KB) Übersetzung für diesen Link wählen 
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