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Nachrichten / Veranstaltungen

Danish Presidency Event 1.-3. June


Danish Presidency event will take place in Aarhus between 1 – 3 June. The event "Solutions by Re-thinking – the Great Debate 2050" will focus on the role of European citizens and civic participation in tackling the challenges Europe and Europeans will face towards 2050.

Challenges of globalisation and their impact on Europe's economy, social systems, environment and demography will be discussed during the event. Over 400 representatives of civil society, universities, political, social and economic life at municipal, national and European level will gather in Aarhus University for an intensive programme of debates, seminars, workshops to reflect on Europe's future and the solutions European citizens and European civil society can propose to make the European Union a beacon of democracy and prosperity.

The event is organised in cooperation with the New Europe – one of the Denmark's leading civil society organisations – with support of Aarhus university.


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