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Nachrichten / Veranstaltungen

Participation of the Republic of Serbia in the Europe for Citizens programme 2007-2013


On Friday, November 9 Gregory Paulger, Director General of the EC's Directorate-General for Communication and Ivana Ćirković, Director of Office for cooperation with Civil Society of the Government of the Republic of Serbia signed Memorandum of Understanding on the participation of the Republic of Serbia in the Europe for Citizens programme 2007-2013.

The signature allows for full participation of Serbian organisations in the programme, it gives an opportunity to initiate civil society projects, build partnerships between towns, exchange experiences between memorial institutions, museums and educational institutions. Serbia with its vibrant civil society will significantly benefit from its participation in the Europe for Citizens programme. In similar fashion the programme will be enhanced by the opportunities for partnerships it will offer to the EU based organisations, local and municipal authorities in the Serbia and other countries of Western Balkans.


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