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The Founding Fathers of the European Union


How much do you know about the people who worked assiduously to create the kind of Europe we live in today: a Europe which has known continuous peace for over 60 years? There have of course been many men and women involved in the process of European integration over the past decades, but we can identify eleven of them as having played a major role in this process. These we call the 'Founding Fathers' of the European Union.

The European Commission has now prepared a series of eleven fact sheets and video clips focusing on each of these individuals and their role in the history of European integration. The fact sheets contain not only details about their professional and political careers, their war experiences and their beliefs in the benefits of European integration, but a fascinating personal profile of each of them, including information about their diverse backgrounds. Who would have guessed for example that one of them was a Nobel Prize winner and another a Davis Cup tennis player?

Find out more about the Founding Fathers by reading about them or watching videos here.


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