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Commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day in the European Commission, 28 January 2013


For the second time Holocaust Remembrance Day will be commemorated in the European Commission. The commemoration will take place in the European Commission headquarters in Berlaymont where as a part of the commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day an exhibition under the name "Room 28" will be displayed. Room 28 refers to an actual room in "Mädchenheim" quarters where girls were placed upon their arrival to Theresienstadt/Terezin ghetto. In the limited space of a single room of about 30 square meters 30 young girls, between 8-16 year of age of lived at a time. From 1942 to 1945 more than 50 girls passed through Room 28. Only 15 of them survived the end of the Second World War.

The story of Room 28 is a story of compassion and resilience of human spirit. The girls were looked after by the adults who made best of their effort to create as normal as possible conditions in the ghetto and to help the children to continue with their lives, to learn and develop their talents. Many of those adults perished during the Holocaust but their loving care remained in the memory of those girls who survived.

After the end of the war the girls from the Room 28 left for many corners of the world and established their lives in Israel, United States, Russia, Britain, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia. It took several decades before they met again. It was only in 1991 when arrival of democracy to central and eastern Europe allowed that the girls to get together. They kept meeting since 1991 and as a result put together a project assisted by Hannelore Brenner-Wonschick which aims at passing their memory to the young generation.

The Commemoration event in Brussels will be accompanied by cultural programme of live reading of Theresienstadt diary of one of the "Room 28 girls" Ms Helga Pollak-Kinsky and music from original Theresienstadt cabaret "Zwockhaus".

More information about the project can be found at:


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