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Citizens' Agenda - Single Market Review

Single Market Review

The aim of the single market review was to look at how the single market had evolved in line with Europe's economies since 1992. The objective is to see what action is needed to ensure that the Single Market continues to deliver on its economic promise, and to ensure that citizens effectively reap the benefits. The review aims to set out a clear and coherent vision for the Single Market.

  • Communication on "A single market for 21st century Europe"

  • Press release [IP/07/1728]

  • Frequently Asked Questions [MEMO/07/475]

  • Staff working paper on "the single market: review of achievements"
    [SEC(2007)1521] pdf - 79 KB [79 KB]   

  • Staff working paper on "instruments for a modernised single market policy"
    [SEC(2007)1518] pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]   

  • Staff working paper on "implementing the new methodology for product market and sector monitoring: results of a first sector screening"
    [SEC(2007)1517] pdf - 165 KB [165 KB]   

  • Staff working paper on "the external dimension of the single market review"
    [SEC(2007)1519] pdf - 63 KB [63 KB]   

  • Staff working paper on "initiatives in the area of retail financial services"
    [SEC(2007)1520] pdf - 26 KB [26 KB]   

  • Interim report to the 2007 Spring European Council
    [COM(2007)60] pdf - 57 KB [57 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr)  

  • Press release "A vision for the single market of the 21st century" (IP/07/214)

  • Steps towards a deeper economic integration: the Internal Market in the 21st century - A contribution to the Single Market Review
    [ECP271] pdf - 917 KB [917 KB]

The Commission adopted on 20 November 2007 a Communication on "A single market for 21st century Europe". This concludes the review initiated in 2006 and transform the "vision paper" of February 2007 into an operational set of initiatives to re-position the single market. This Communication is supported by five staff working papers.

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