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Legislative framework for the European citizens' initiative

Treaty provision

The citizens' initiative right is set out in Article 11(4) of the Treaty on European Union.

Secondary legislation

The procedures and conditions for the citizens' initiative are set out in a Regulation adopted by the European Parliament and the Council on 16 February 2011 (the "Regulation on the citizens’ initiative"):

Regulation (EU) No 211/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 February 2011 on the citizens' initiative (consolidated version 10/2013)

Please note, that in case of modification of Annex I and Annex III of the Regulation, their previous versions may remain applicable with respect to the initiatives registered prior to the entry into force of their new versions.

Annex I provides the minimum number of signatories per Member State to be reached in at least 7 member states.

Annex III provides the models for statement of support forms.

Other legal acts relating to the European citizens’ initiative:

Citizens' initiative committee

The citizens' initiative committee is established by Article 20 of the Regulation on the citizens’ initiative in order to assist the Commission in the implementation of the Regulation as regards technical specifications for online collection systems.

For information on the meetings of the committee and draft measures discussed by the committee, go to the Commission Comitology Register:

Expert group on the European citizens' initiative

This expert group, which is composed of member states’ authorities, has been set up by the Commission in order to exchange views and facilitate the coordination amongst member states in relation to the implementation of the Regulation on the citizens' initiative

Meeting date Agenda Meeting documents Summary record
17/01/2012 ECI expert group meeting 17-01-12 - draft agenda Summary report meeting January 2012
12/03/2012 ECI expert group meeting 12-03-12 - draft agenda Summary report meeting March 2012
02/10/2012 ECI expert group meeting 02-10-12 - draft agenda Summary report meeting October 2012
04/03/2013 ECI expert group meeting 04-03-13 - draft agenda Guidelines and recommendations Summary report meeting March 2013
17/09/2013 ECI expert group meeting 17-09-13 - draft agenda Summary report meeting September 2013
12/06/2014 ECI expert group meeting 12-06-2014 - draft agenda Summary report meeting June 2014
02/12/2014 ECI expert group meeting 02-12-2014 - draft agenda Summary report meeting December 2014