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Disclaimer: The contents of this page are the sole responsibility of the organisers of the initiatives. The texts reflect solely the views of their authors and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Commission. The Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
Title: EU Directive on Dairy Cow Welfare
Current status: Withdrawn on 20/07/2012
Commission registration number: ECI(2012)000004
Date of registration: 10/05/2012
Registration language: EN / Other languages available: CS DA DE EL EN ES FI FR IT LV NL PL SK
Subject-matter: An EU Directive to improve welfare of the EU’s 23m dairy cows, create a level playing field and guarantee minimum standards enable improvements as seen with legislation for pigs and poultry.
Main objectives: We seek to inspire and mobilise European citizens to call for a specific directive that guarantees improved animal welfare for dairy cows. By petitioning the Commission through the ECI, we can convey citizens’ desire for policy change around dairy cow welfare. Our petition focuses on bringing targeted legislation that covers four key areas of cow’s welfare based on the EU Welfare Quality® principles: - Good housing - Good health - Good feeding - Appropriate behaviour
Provisions of the Treaties considered relevant by the organisers: Articles 13 and 43 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.
Organisers / Members of citizens' committee:
  • Representative: Annamaria PISAPIA -
  • Substitute: Julie MIDDELKOOP -
  • Other members: Ilaria IDA, Romana ŠONKOVÁ, Roger PETERSSON, Olga KIKOU, Leopoldine DE BROSSES (NEE CHARBONNEAUX)
Draft legal act:
Sources of support and funding:

Last update: 11/04/2012

Name of sponsor Date[1] Amount in EUR[2]
Ben and Jerry's 11/04/2012 90,934
Compassion in World Farming 11/04/2012 72,755
World Society for the Protection of Animals 11/04/2012 181,878

Total amount of support and funding: €345,567
Date when the contribution was received. In case of in kind contributions, date when the in kind contribution started.
Actual amount of funding provided or estimated value of in kind contribution.