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Richiesta di registrazione rifiutata
Data del rifiuto: 06/09/2012
Lingua della richiesta: inglese

Establish the Principle of the “state of necessity ”. When the financial and the political existence of a State is in danger because of the serving of the abhorrent debt the refusal of its payment is necessary and justifiable.

Obiettivi principali:
It is hard to accept that Europe has established a usurious relationship with Greece (and other countries). The rate of interest of the loans which Troïka have lent to Greece is much more than those rates at which the State creditors borrow. The financial crisis in Greece has been taken advantage of by Member States, who gain inadmissible enrichment at Greece’s expense. And that meets with the total denial of communal solidarity. Such economic cannibalism against a Member State constitutes the highest risk for the values of Europe.

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