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Refused requests for registration

Only the proposed initiatives that fulfil the conditions laid down in Article 4(2) of the Regulation on the citizens' initiative are registered and thus made public on this website. You will find in this section the text of the proposed initiatives which did not comply with these conditions and the negative replies given by the Commission to the citizens' committees concerned.

These replies provided by the Commission state the reasons for refusal of the registration, based on the conditions set out in the above-mentioned Regulation, and also give all possible means of redress available to organisers.

Stopping trade with Israeli settlements operating in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

EU wide referendum whether the European Citizens want the United Kingdom to remain or to leave!

British friends-stay with us in EU

Stop Brexit

Vite l'Europe sociale ! Pour un nouveau critère européen contre la pauvreté

Ethics for Animals and Kids

A new EU legal norm, self-abolition of the European Parliament and its structures, must be immediately adopted.

The Supreme Legislative & Executive Power in the EU must be the EU Referendum as an expression of direct democracy.

Our concern for insufficient help to pet and stray animals in the European Union

Right to Lifelong Care: Leading a life of dignity and independence is a fundamental right!

To hold an immediate EU Referendum on public confidence in European Government’s (EG) competence.

Stop cruelty for animals

Ensemble pour une Europe sans prostitution légalisée

Enforcing selfdetermination Human Right in the EU

Unconditional Basic Income

Création d'une Banque publique européenne axée sur le développement social, écologique et solidaire


Abolición en Europa de la tauromaquia y la utilización de toros en fiestas de crueldad y tortura por diversión.

Fortalecimiento de la participación ciudadana en la toma de decisiones sobre la soberanía colectiva

Recommend singing the European Anthem in Esperanto

My voice against nuclear power