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Názov: Recommend singing the European Anthem in Esperanto
Dátum zamietnutia: 30/05/2012
Jazyk žiadosti: angličtina

The EU recommends that the European Anthem be sung using specially adapted lyrics (attached) in the neutral pan-European language, Esperanto, when citizens wish to express their common European identity.

Hlavné ciele:
1) to help strengthen a common European identity in harmony with national, regional and other identities, thereby making the EU more effective for citizens; 2) to increase citizen participation in European integration; 3) to help achieve (1) and (2) by providing lyrics in a neutral, pan-European language for citizens to sing together; 4) to ensure parity of esteem for all European languages; 5) to reconfirm and rebalance the two elements of the EU’s motto of “united in diversity”, to ensure that diversity is not emphasized at the expense of unity.

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