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Refused request for registration
Title: The Supreme Legislative & Executive Power in the EU must be the EU Referendum as an expression of direct democracy.
Date of refusal: 23/01/2014
Language of the request: English

The EU legal system must immediately provide the legal basis for a referendum mechanism independent of member countries’ current constitutions. All EU Referendum decisions must be binding on every branch of the EU power structure.

Main objectives:
Declining living standards, increased unemployment, economic recession, printing an extra €59B p.a., drug addict numbers rising on avg 4.2 Mln p.a. since 2006 (> pop of Berlin), all highlight the current European Government (EG) structure´s failings. MEPs say “We must return public trust in the EG” but will never initiate an EU Referendum on public confidence in EG’s competence themselves. If this Referendum reveals a lack of public confidence in EG a new efficient EG structure must be created to save Europe driven by the will of the people instead of faceless bureaucrats.

Reason for refusal:
The proposed citizens' initiative falls manifestly outside the framework of the Commission's powers to submit a proposal for a legal act of the Union for the purpose of implementing the Treaties.

(*) Commission's reply stating the reasons for refusal of registration

*In the language selected by the organisers in the registration form.