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Refused request for registration
Title: Right to Lifelong Care: Leading a life of dignity and independence is a fundamental right!
Date of refusal: 05/11/2013
Language of the request: English

We invite the EU to propose legislation that ensures the fundamental right to human dignity by guaranteeing on a lifelong basis adequate social protection and access to quality, sustainable long-term care above and beyond health care.

Main objectives:
We urge that: 1. The EU and MS are obliged to ensure that all citizens enjoy the right to dignity throughout their lives by providing social protection against dependency 2. The supply of long term care services are not subject to internal market rules and are classified as public services deserving of universal access 3.The EU adopt legislation obliging MS to supply such services and increase its efforts to assist the MS in providing universal access to high-quality long-term care by implementing policies against the risk of dependency at any age, but in particular for the elderly.

Reason for refusal:
The proposed citizens' initiative falls manifestly outside the framework of the Commission's powers to submit a proposal for a legal act of the Union for the purpose of implementing the Treaties.

(*) Commission's reply stating the reasons for refusal of registration

*In the language selected by the organisers in the registration form.