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Raising awareness on the European Citizens' Initiative

Increasing democratic legitimacy in the European Union through stronger citizen participation is a priority for the European Commission. To raise the level of participation in European citizens' initiatives and the number of initiatives, the tool needs to be known to all Europeans. This is the reason why the Commission is engaged in increasing citizens’ awareness across all Member States and calling on all interested actors to resound its message and bring the European Citizens’ Initiative to light.

Want to make the European Citizens’ Initiative tool better known and foster citizen participation?

You can spread the word and bring the European Citizens' Initiative to light by using the kit of tailor-made communication materials. The toolkit’s elements – ready to be used as such or customised - put the emphasis on what makes the tool unique, why citizens should use it and explain concretely how it works in practice.

Join and visit us at the following events

13.03.2019: Kicking-off the second year of the #EUTakeTheInitiative campaign in Valletta, Malta. Join us for a knowledge-sharing workshop on 13 March, register here.

13.12.2018:2018’s last stop! #EUTakeTheInitiative is taking off to Vienna for its final event of the year! Join us on 13 December for a full-day conference on the European Citizens’ Initiative and its reform. Come and share your ideas by registering here.

26.11.2018: Next stop: Lisbon! #EUTakeTheInitiative is organising a knowledge-sharing workshop on 26 November. If you are around, join us by registering here.

8.11.2018: Come and take the initiative at the European Citizens’ Initiative knowledge-sharing workshop in Paris on 8 November. You will meet with representatives of ongoing and successful initiatives and share ideas on how to successfully coordinate a European citizens’ initiative. Register here.

5-6.10.2018: Event announcement - Czech Republic: Join us at the Festival of Democracy in Prague on 5-6 October to Take The Initiative! Register here.

17.09.2018: ECI knowledge-sharing workshop, in Poland. Register your interest here.

7-8.09.2018: Būtent! festival in Birštonas, Lithuania. More information here.

31.05.2018: European Civic Days in Sofia, co-organised by the Citizen Participation Forum, the European Civic Forum, the BlueLink Foundation and the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) Bulgaria

10.04.2018: ECI Day 2018 Working Together, organised by the European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels

The communication campaign is managed by GOPA Com. through a service contract with the European Commission. To get the fully-fledged toolkit and stay informed on our events: contact (in English or French only)