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Health and Migration - Publications in Scientific Journals

Results of projects co-funded under the Third EU Health Programme published in scientific journals.

'Primary care of refugees and migrants, Lesson learnt from the EUR-HUMAN project' published in Akademiai Kiado

HUman Movement and Advisory Network (EUR-HUMAN) project intends to enhance the knowledge and expertise of European member states who accept refugees and migrants in addressing their health needs, safeguarding them from risks, while at the same time to minimize cross-border health risks. The paper summarises the main focus and outputs of the project.

National immunisation strategies targeting migrants in six European countries by CARE project published in ScienceDirect

In the framework of the Common Approach for REfugees and other migrants’ health (CARE) project, the article explores the national immunisation strategies targeting migrants in irregular situation, refugees and asylum seekers in Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Slovenia.

Compassionate care provision: an immense need during the refugee crisis: lessons learned from a European capacity-building project by EUR-HUMAN project published in Springer Link

This article presents what the nature of compassionate care for refugees consists of and implies and how its implementation could be promoted across European countries and healthcare settings.

Assessing refugee healthcare needs in Europe and implementing educational interventions in primary care: a focus on methods by EUR-HUMAN project published in BMC

This article reports on methods used for enhancing primary health care for refugees through rapid capacity-building actions in the context of a structured European project.

Migrant women's experiences of perinatal care in European countries: a systematic review (Project ORAMMA) published in European Journal of Public Health

This review evaluates the state of current evidence on migrant women’s experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and maternity care in their destination country within Europe.

Addressing healthcare for migrants and ethnic minorities in Europe: A review of training programmes published in SAGE journals

This article describes findings from a review conducted as a part of the ‘Training packages for health professionals to improve access and quality of health services for migrants and ethnic minorities, including the Roma (MEM-TP)’ project, which sought to identify and assess training programmes for health professionals delivered in Europe between 2004 and 2013.