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Kick –off meeting of EU Joint Action on Vaccination in Paris on 4 September 2018

The EU Joint Action on Vaccination (EU-JAV) is intended to contribute to a sustainable European cooperation against vaccine preventable diseases and at strengthening national responses to vaccination challenges.

While capitalising on existing initiatives, EU-JAV will deliver tools for member state authorities in areas, such as immunization digital data sharing, robust monitoring of immunization programmes, vaccine needs forecasting, R&D priority setting framework, evidence-based framework of vaccines development and best practices and interventions to improve readiness and response.

Coordinated by the French Health and Medical Research Institute (Inserm) with the support of the French Ministry of Health, EU-JAV is a 3-year action with an estimated budget of EUR 5.8 million (including the EU contribution of EUR 3.5 million). Overall, EU-JAV involves the participation of 17 EU Member States plus Norway, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as partners; and many national and international organisations (e.g. WHO, OECD), agencies (e.g. ECDC, EMA) and universities, associations (e.g. EFPIA, EHMA, EPHA) and federations as collaborating stakeholders, who will share their expertise with the project and ensure coherence with on-going initiatives.