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New Joint Action to Strengthen Preparedness in the EU

13 June 2018

On 15 June 2018 in Luxembourg a meeting is convened to prepare a new joint action funded in 2018 under the EU Third Health Programme.

The Joint action will focus on preparedness and support EU Member States' cooperation and coordination, strengthening the resilience and response capacities of health systems, and ensuring coherence and interoperability for preparedness and response planning to health threats at national, EU and regional level.

It has two main areas of action:

  •  improving preparedness and response planning for serious cross-border threats and the Implementation of International Health Regulations in EU Member States, EEA/EFTA and neighbouring countries.
  •  improving capacity of public health laboratories in collaboration with the ECDC, for a reference network of European microbiology laboratories specialised in highly pathogenic or newly emerging pathogens

The Joint action will be funded under the Annual work plan 2018 with an EC co-funding of € 7,9 M. It is planned to start in early 2019 and run for 36 months and includes competent authorities from 30 EU countries participating in the Third EU Health Programme (25 Member States, 2 EFTA/EEA countries (Island and Norway) and three ENP countries ( Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Moldova).