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Joint Action EU HEALTHY GATEWAYS launched on 12-13 June in Varna

11 June 2018

The new Joint Action EU HEALTHY GATEWAYS sees 60 participants representing 22 partner and collaborating stakeholder countries, the meeting will also host representatives from DG SANTE, Chafea, ECDC, EASA, FRONTEX, and transport industry representatives.  

The HEALTHY GATEWAYS Joint Action will produce guidelines, catalogues of best practices and action plans to be implemented by Member State health authorities at operational level in the field of transport, covering all types of health threats, risk communication, advice for public health event management and contingency planning. The action will also support rapid exchange of information in the event of cross-border health risks, using electronic means via established communication networks for points of entry.  Online and face-to-face training on contingency planning and management of events at points of entry will be provided at the European, national and local level, while the Joint Action will also support the execution of hygiene inspections on ships and airplanes. In the event of future public health emergencies of international concern (PHEIC), the Joint Action will move from the interepidemic mode to an emergency mode, to support the coherent response according to Decision No 1082/2013/EU, International Health Regulations (205) and WHO temporary recommendations.

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