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World Aids Day 2017 - My Health, My Rights

The European expert networks supported by the Health Programme are developing several initiatives that contribute to the World AIDS 2017 campaign My Health, My Rights.

HIV prevention is a policy priority for the European Union, in line with the 2009 Commission communication on combating HIV/AIDS in the EU and neighbouring countries, and the Action Plan 2014-2016, which set the target to reduce the number of new HIV infections. The new Communication on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) defines the framework for the next steps including under SDG 3 the "ending HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis (and reducing Hepatitis)".

A new webinar will be hosted by the Health Policy Platform on 6 December 2017 from 11-12 o'clock, to discuss synergies between the three EU civil society networks (AIDS ACTION EUROPE, Tuberculosis Europe Coalition and Correlation Network). These three civil society bodies ensure an effective participation of civil society organisations in HIV, TB and hepatitis C prevention and harm reduction in Europe. They have received a framework partnership agreement (FPA) to support their activities for 2018-2021.

Latest developments of the current 2013-2016 action results are presented below:

Aids Day Aids Day
Aids Day Aids Day
Aids Day  

Two other networks are active in developing integrated strategies and focus on early diagnosis and linkage to care for tuberculosis and viral hepatitis.

Aids Day Aids Day