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How to future-proof our health systems?

The Commission diagnoses the State of Health in the EU

HIV in Europe

How do we make sure our health systems remain effective, accessible and resilient despite population ageing, changing epidemiology and persistent budgetary constraints? The European Commission has teamed up with the OECD and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies to capture the State of Health in the EU. The result is a package of twenty-eight Country Health Profiles, briefly summarising the strengths and challenges of each EU Member State, together with a Companion Report, in which the Commission draws pertinent cross-cutting conclusions from the analysis.

The State of Health in the EU is designed to support Member States in their evidence-based policy making. Its findings are intended to incite a process of mutual learning and exchange of good practice. The treasure trove of cross-EU and country-specific knowledge can now be accessed online: