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Ex-Ante Publicity for negotiated procedure for middle value contract on the assessment of psychosocial risks at Chafea* and consequent recommendations for their prevention or mitigation

Description of the requested service

Contract objectives and scope of work:

1. Explore:

  • identify type of data relevant to the management of the psychosocial aspects at the organisation (e.g. absenteeism, turnover, etc.) as well as work organisation and content, working conditions, conditions of life at work, interpersonal relationships etc.; which could be informative about possible work-related risk factors in the organisation,
  • provide methodology and design tools allowing for the assessment of the psychosocial risks at the agency,
  • identify (in collaboration with Chafea) a sample of individuals for individual and/or group interviews, in order to complement hard data.

2. Conduct risk analysis: analyse quantitative and qualitative indicators (based on provided data and interviews), as well as relevant information on the organisation (e.g. activity and structure, risk factors, work conditions etc.).

3. Based on the findings, catalogue the causes of the psychosocial risks, risk groups and develop recommendations and action plan for their prevention and management.
These elements, together with determined priorities and objectives shall be included in the final activity report.
They must be relevant to the type of activity and specificities of the work at Chafea.

4. Organise information sessions for staff and managers, covering the psychosocial aspects at work in general, as well as presenting the findings of the assessment. This includes the development of relevant information materials.

5. Monitoring and evaluation:

  • identify indicators to be checked and monitored by Chafea on the on-going basis, in order to prevent/detect psychosocial risks and hazards,
  • identify the traits of the most exposed population groups (age, gender, job role, department for which the person concerned works, length of service etc.) and the work situations that entail the risks,
  • provide Chafea with recommendations concerning setting up methods helping to deal with cases, which could potentially lead to work-related health issues.

The assignment must guarantee confidentiality and shall be carried out in compliance with Regulation 45/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data.

Description of the Negotiated Procurement Procedure

The contract will be awarded based on the negotiated procurement procedure for middle value contracts with a minimum of five candidates invited to tender.

Further information on the procedure will be included in the procurement documents which will be sent to the candidates who will declare their interest to participate in this procedure and possibly other selected candidates.

The estimated duration of the contract is four months.

The maximum value of the contract is 130.000 €.

Expression of interest

Economic operators that may have interest to participate in this procedure are requested to declare their interest addressing the contracting authority, by 27 November at 17.00 CET to in order to receive the tender documents.

In the declaration of interest please provide a brief written justification of your company's suitability for provision of requested services.

Submission of tenders will be electronic.

* Chafea stands for Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency