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Ex-Ante Publicity for negotiated procedure for low value contract for a Study on Chafea Internal Communication (IC) based on an in situ assessment.

Description of the requested service

The purpose of the Study on Chafea Internal Communication is to provide a study to assess and analyse Chafea Internal Communication practices and needs; to develop a strategic IC action plan, with an additional focus on intranet and adapted channels and tools; to develop and implement coaching sessions.

The results of the Study on Chafea Internal Communication will be taken into consideration for the preparation of Chafea Internal Communication strategy 2018/21.

The objectives of the Study on Chafea Internal Communication are to improve the Agency internal communication tools and methods in order to reinforce its staff understanding of the work, efficiency and engagement.

Scope of the services

The awarded contractor of the Study on Chafea Internal Communication shall gather all the components necessary to elaborate a complete internal communication strategy, encompassing SMART objectives and performance evaluation tools.

Task of the contract

The tasks requested under this contract will have to include:

  • Analysis of Chafea functioning and background information
  • Assessment of the current status of Chafea IC and needs mapping
  • Development of a strategic plan
  • Development of customised horizontal and vertical communication tools and channels
  • Contribution to the restructuring of Chafea Intranet
  • Coaching sessions customised to Chafea staff ranks and organisational functioning
Description of the Negotiated Procurement Procedure

The contract will be awarded based on the most economically advantageous offer, according to the 'best price-quality ratio' award method. Only tenders that reach the minimum quality levels will be subject to best price-quality assessment.

Further information on these criteria will be included in the procurement documents which will be sent to the economic operators who will declare their interest to participate in this procedure.

The estimated duration of the contract is four months. The maximum value of the contract is 50.000 €.

Economic operators that may have interest to participate in this procedure must contact the contracting authority by 23 November 17.00 CET at in order to receive the tender documents. Submission of the tenders will be electronic and not later than 10 days of receipt of the invitation letter to tender.