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Cluster meeting

Migrants health

Chafea, in collaboration with the European Commission Directorate General for Health and Food Safety, organised an event to provide insights on key European initiatives to improve the health of vulnerable migrants, integrate refugees and other migrantsinto national healthcare systems and train health professionals.

Since 2015, hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees have entered Europe, either escaping conflict in their country or in search of better economic prospects.

Most migrants are healthy when they arrive in the EU, but they can be affected by conditions and factors prior to their travel or during their journey. They may be suffering from physical exhaustion, extreme distress, dehydration or cold. These challenges, combined with other issues, such as inadequate living conditions or unhealthy lifestyles, can seriously impact their physical and mental health. If they were already dealing with chronic diseases, their health may have further deteriorated.

No person entering the EU should be left without access to basic healthcare, and no EU country can or should be left alone to manage the public health dimension of such an unprecedented crisis.

To support those Member States under particular pressure, the Commission has launched specific actions since 2015 with the aim of improving healthcare for migrants by integrating this vulnerable population into national healthcare systems and by providing relevant training for healthcare professionals and care providers.

The Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) has implemented these actions in the form of calls for grants and tenders, which was presented at the cluster meeting, on the 21th of September.

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