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Euripid Project “Statistical data for medicinal product pricing” reaches half-time


Update of 5/04/2017 - INTERVIEW
Dr Stanislav Primozic

Dr Stanislav Primožič, Chair of the Board of Participants of the EURIPID Collaboration and Deputy Director of the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia, explains what the EURIPID Collaboration, database and project are all about.

EURIPID stands for EURopean Integrated Price Information Database project, an initiative dating back to 2010. It is a voluntary, non-profit collaboration between 27 European countries to exchange information on national prices of medicines in a standardised format. It contains data on official prices of publicly reimbursed, mainly out-patient medicinal products that are published in line with the Transparency Directive 89\105\EC.

EURIPID database has been a useful tool to the authorities in the past years aiding them in their decision making duties by providing reliable, prompt and comparable price information on medicinal products.

Although access to the EURIPID database is not granted to third parties and other stakeholders than the authorities of the participating countries, all stakeholders of the pharmaceutical sectors were invited to achieve the project’s objectives jointly.

EC supports the 'EURIPID project' (2015-2018) through a Grant under the 3rd EU Health Programme. The project will provide a user friendly tool with new features for interaction and clarity on the methodological and technical aspects. The EURIPID Collaboration is now reflecting on ways to cooperate and to establish synergies with other ongoing EU initiatives in the pharmaceuticals area.

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