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Calls for tenders 2014

Call for tender N° Chafea/2014/Health/25 concerning the study on the services to be provided by the European reference networks and its members.

The objective of this call for tender is to perform a study on the services to be provided by the European reference networks (ERNs) and its members. The study aims to support the implementation and functioning of the networks by identifying the possible sets of services to be provided by the members of a network when they act as such, as well as those to be provided by the network itself, including the cost calculation of the identified services and the relevant networking elements. Based on expert consultation and desk research, the study will help establish the following necessary inputs to the functioning of ERNs, ideally categorised in homogeneous sets or groups:

  • a) patient cases: a set of possible 'real' cases of patients to be treated or consulted within a network. These selected/proposed cases should address different types of conditions and problems;
  • b) activities (including activities as part of services such as 'diagnostic consultations' offered) relevant to the sets of patient cases defined under (a) related with the networking dimension. That would include a complete set of services and activities, including but not limited to coordination activities; virtual clinical or tumour boards; telemedicine, tele-consultation; professional advice, etc.;
  • c) resources (human, material, structural, etc.) and cost categories (staff cost, overheads, software, hardware, etc.) relevant to the defined sets of activities defined under (b);
  • d) cost drivers for all activities identified under( b) and resources identified under( c).

Deadline: 30 January 2015



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