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Calls for tenders 2015

Call for tender No Chafea/2015/Health/06 concerning ESIF support in the area of health: building knowledge and capacities for monitoring and implementation, supporting innovation and effectiveness

This action has two main objectives:

1. Strengthening capacity of Members States’ health authorities to effectively use ESIF in health, by:

  • (i) supporting exchange of information, innovative ideas and processes, and success factors among Member States on effective use of ESIF and other funding for health; and
  • (ii) providing health-specific assistance and expertise to participating Member States;

2. Study: Building knowledge on, and assessment of, ESIF interventions in health within the period 2014-2020 by:

  • (i) furthering knowledge on Member States’ health-specific interventions co-financed with ESIF and, as relevant, other identifiable funding, to translate policy priorities into investments;
  • (ii) developing lessons learned on health investments; and
  • (iii) elaborating conclusions and recommendations on investments in health, in view of evolving policy priorities.

Deadline: 9 February 2016

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NB: The original versions of the above documents are prepared in English. All the other language versions are only translations of the original English version that are made available for the information of the tenderers.

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