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Funded Projects

Chafea currently manages close to 300 projects involving more than 3,000 beneficiaries-government agencies, academic institutions, NGOs, commercial entities-from all EU Member States and some associated countries.
Projects highlights and database

The projects managed by Chafea are very diverse.

There are highly technical and scientific projects, e.g. coding and classification of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, and projects whose aim is to collect and disseminate data, e.g. improving access for patients and doctors to information about porphyria.

Then there are projects tackling preparedness and response to highly infectious diseases and other health threats.

Chafea funds also initiatives that help exchange good practice and build institutional capacity e.g. a project on environmental public health in the EU.

Finally, the biggest number of projects deal with health promotion e.g. action on drug first time users, or studies of indoor air quality, or the promotion of physical activity.

The projects target various audiences: children, youth, adults, elderly, minorities or migrants.

All actions, however, provide so-called European added value - they combine information, experience, and resources that are spread in different countries of the continent to improve and better protect human health.

The projects fall into three categories, so called strands: health security/health threats, health information, and health determinants/health promotion.

Summaries of currently funded projects

If you are a project coordinator and you would like to update your project abstract, please contact us at the following email:

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Funded projects and other grants (lists)



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