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Call 2017: Joint actions

On 27 February 2017 the Joint Action 2017 invitation letters to nominate competent authorities were sent to the EU Permanent Representations of the Member States and countries participating in the 3rd Health Programme (MS/C).

For the Joint Actions 2017, the number of signatory partners is limited to one competent authority per country and per Joint Action.

Competent authority means the central authority of a Member State competent for health/specific (public) health topic or any other authority to which this competence has been conferred. A competent authority can therefore also be one at regional level, depending on the governance structure of the MS/C. Example of competent authorities: the ministry of health, a governmental agency, a national institute of public health, a regional health authority.

If you are a competent authority interested in participating in any of the 2017 Joint Actions, please contact your EU Permanent Representation or your National Focal Point.

The deadline for online submission of nominations is 11 May 2017.

Other types of participation to the Joint Actions, such as as subcontractors or collaborating stakeholders do not require a formal nomination. Participation of NGOs as collaborating stakeholders can ensure appropriate representation of civil society organisations active in the relevant health fields at EU level.

Topics and funding

Six Joint Actions have been planned for 2017 under the work programme 2017 adopted by DG SANTE on 26 January 2017:

  • JA-01-2017 Joint Action on Health inequalities (€2,5 million EU co-funding)
  • JA-02-2017 Joint Action - Innovative Partnership on Action against Cancer (€4,5 million EU co-funding)
  • JA-03-2017 Joint Action on Vaccination (€3 million EU co-funding)
  • JA-04-2017 Joint Action on preparedness and action at points of entry (air, maritime and ground crossing) (€3 million EU co-funding)
  • JA-05-2017 Joint Action supporting the eHealth Network (€2,7 million EU co-funding)
  • JA-06-2017 Joint Action on Health Information towards a sustainable EU health information system that supports country knowledge, health research and policymaking (€4 million EU co-funding)

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