BTSF Events

23-24 October 2014 | Rome, Italy

The prime objective of this conference is to raise the profile of Economically Motivated Violations (EMV) of food law as a major global challenge and to promote and expand interdisciplinary collaboration and communication by providing a platform to those parties involved in fighting EMV, ranging from leading food control and judicial authorities to industry and consumers stakeholders.

Final list of participants Opening speech - Eric Poudelet, DG Health and Food Safety Opening speech - Beatrice Lorenzin, Minister of Health

Session 1 – Food Fraud Overview - EU and National Perspectives

The EU perspective Carmen Garau
The fight against economically motivated violations of food law Glenn Taylor
Department of Central Inspectorate for fraud repression and quality safeguarding of agrifood products Stefano Vaccari

Session 2 – Industry and Consumer Perspectives

The Consumer perspective Ilaria Passarani
Global Food Safety Initiative Yves Rey

Session 3 – Needs and Options for a Collaborative Approach

A Prosecutor´s View Andreas Rossa
The "Canasson 34" case: An example of upstream and downstream fraud in the horse sector Catherine Collinet
Case study import illegal pesticides Chris De Bouter
Collaborative approach Chris Elliott
Carabinieri NAS Gen Cosimo Piccinno

Session 4 – Improving Methodologies

Cooperation between laboratories and validation of techniques Alke Anklam
Vulnerability assessment and approaches to Food Fraud prevention John Spink
The EU FOODINTEGRITY Project John Spink