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Key Contacts

Director: Véronique WASBAUER


Promotion of agricultural products Aleksandra MECILOSEK
Consumers Gilda CAPUANO
Health and Food Safety Donata MERONI
Corporate Support and Resources Management Jacques REMACLE

Communication Officer: Maria Laura BONGOMA
IT Officer: Alessandro LANCINI


E-mail: Chafea email
Phone: +352-4301-32015
Fax: +352-4301-30359


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  • Postal Address

    • European Commission
      Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency
      DRB A3/042
      L-2920 Luxembourg

  • Visiting Address

    • European Commission
      Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency
      12, rue Guillaume Kroll
      L-1882 Luxembourg


  • How to reach Chafea premises

    • Following information is not an endorsement by Chafea of the services provided by the companies mentioned below. Neither the Chafea nor any person acting on behalf of the Chafea is responsible for the use which might be made of the following information.

      From Luxemburg Airport
      Take Bus 16 in direction "Howald/Cité Um Schlass" (Eurobus), get off at the stop "Gare", change to bus 18 in direction Kockelscheuer, and get off at the stop "Am Scharfen Eck" – you'll be 20 metres from our offices.

      There are also various taxi companies operating in the Luxembourg Airport.

      From Luxembourg Central Train Station
      Take bus 18 in direction "Kockelscheuer", and get off the stop "Am Scharfen Eck"– you'll be 20 metres from our offices.

      From Hahn Airport (Germany)
      There is a private bus company Flibco that operates buses from Hahn Airport to Luxembourg Central Train Station. You can check the schedules and reserve seats on this website