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2016 Exchange of Officials

The 2016 Exchange of Officials is one of the instruments put in place by the European Commission for the implementation of the multiannual Consumers’ programme (2014-2020).

The objective of the Exchange of Officials is to share best practices and knowledge among the different countries and to create a synergy at European level in support of consumers’ safety and protection.  This programme is open to all officials dealing with the General Programme Safety Directive (GPSD) and with the Consumers Protection Cooperation (CPC).

During the last years, 22 countries participated as beneficiaries and/or host organisations, and 86 exchanges took place for the last edition of the programme, but more are encouraged to join: A sufficient amount of the budget allocated to the programme this year is still available to enable the increase of the programme performance. Exchanges include mainly 3 to 5 working days missions of one or few participants in a host organisation but as from the last year programme, applicants are encouraged to implement other options, e.g. one-day workshops with a group of participants. In this respect, participants and host organisations wishing to build up ad-hoc workshops, seminars or cross-border actions with the support of the Exchange of Officials programme are welcome.

Last year, Chafea completed its website in particular with the "Available offers for Exchanges" section to enable potential applicants to use a "map browser" to find available offers of exchanges and contact the concerned Host Authorities. Host Authorities are then strongly encouraged to use it to address theirs offers to Chafea for uploading in the map browser.

Chafea is open to proposals for simplification of procedures provided they are compliant with the  project legal basis.

Before proposing an action, please read the eligibility conditions carefully.

Applications for the 2016 Exchange of Officials Programme will be accepted until 30 November 2016.

The deadline for implementing the exchange is 29 January 2017.

Call for application documents Watch the video Frequently Asked Questions Available offers of exchanges of officials