Budget review: Lessons learnt for tomorrow's budget

The European Commission has published its communication on the budget review on 19 October 2010. Its main findings are that the current rules for the EU budget make it slow to react to unforeseen events while too many complexities hinder its efficiency and transparency.

Read the Commission's conclusions on the budget reform

The present Communication on the budget reform reflects the results of a public consultation on the budget review that was launched by the Commission in June 2008. Taking into account the numerous contributions submitted by participants from various backgrounds, the Communication at hand concludes the key objectives of the reform and gives an outlook on the future.

Communication: the EU Budget Review

Technical annex


Communication adopted by the Commission: Press release + FAQ

President and Commissioner pictures President Barroso and Commissioner Lewandowski

Europe's policies and their financing need to evolve to reflect new challenges and what Europe is best placed to do. This site has been created to keep you informed about the debate on the reform of the EU budget.