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Welcome to the Public Internal Control System webpages!


We are living in times of substantial pressure on public finances at all levels in the EU. More than ever, taxpayers in every Member State expect value for money and the public sector is held accountable for sound and efficient management of funds entrusted to it. The public sector must demonstrate that resources are spent efficiently, and that output and outcomes are effective. Under such conditions, it is paramount that state-of-the-art frameworks and standards are implemented in the public sector and that management constantly seeks to improve performance. Exchange of information between public administrations in the EU can contribute to achieving that common objective: a public budget that delivers results.

At the PIC conference in February 2012, the Member States expressed a wish to continue their discussions. The Commission responded by launching a PIC network that will meet via regular conferences. For the preparation of these regular conferences (the most recent conference took place in The Hague, on 15-16 May 2014, amd the next will take place in Paris on 26-27 November 2015). The Network is assisted by a Working group (WG) composed of 7-8 Member State representatives, co-ordinated and chaired by the European Commission/DG Budget.

The first Compendium on Public Internal Control in EU Member States was published by the European Commission in February 2012, to coincide with the first Conference. The Compendium comprises an extensive overview of the public internal control systems applied in EU Member states. Because of the high level of interest in the first Compendium and the positive feedback received, it was updated in 2014, this time solely in electronic format.

Through this website, all who take an interest can consult the PIC Compendium online and learn about the latest PIC activities.