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2016 budget amended to reflect needs related to migration and security

The Commission today proposed to amend the current EU budget in order to ensure financing of actions and measures, related to tackling migration, providing emergency support to Member States, improving border management and increasing internal security.

Increase of EUR 50 million in commitment appropriations is proposed for the Emergency support instrument within the Union, of EUR 130 million – for the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and of EUR 70 million - for the Internal Security Fund (ISF).

To reinforce the staff of Frontex in view of creating the new European Boarder and Coast Guard part of the commitment appropriations already proposed in the draft budget 2017 will be frontloaded to 2016 without entailing additional resources.

To cover the EU guarantee for the proposed extension of the duration of European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI) until 2020 an increase of EUR 73,9 million in commitment appropriations is proposed as well.

The Commission also proposes to adjust the level of payment appropriations for certain budget lines to align them more closely to the latest estimates.

The amendment includes the regular update, based on the latest forecasts of Traditional Own Resources (TOR), concerning Member States' gross national incomes (GNI) as well as the value-added tax (VAT), customs duties and sugar levies due to EU budget.

A mobilisation of the contingency margin for 2016 for an amount of EUR 240,1 million will be required  to meet  the budgetary needs related to migration and security. This will be fully offset by unallocated margins for administration.

Next steps

The European Commission cannot change the annual EU budget adopted by the European Parliament and the Council. Instead, it may present one or several draft amending budget(s) for their approval.


A draft amending budget (DAB) is a proposal to amend the adopted budget. By definition, any budget (be it of the EU, a Member State, a private company or a household) bases itself on forecasts and estimates of expenditures and revenues. Therefore, budgets may be amended in light of actual expenditures and revenues. Some amending budgets, such as the one relating to the positive balance from the previous year, are presented regularly each year.

The number of DABs presented by the Commission varies from one year to another.

More information

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