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The "EU budget 2013 Financial Report" is online!

The 2013 Financial Report published today by the European Commission shows the essential contribution of the EU budget to growth and jobs in Europe during the last seven years.

The financial report contains four sections: overview, revenue, expenditure and annexes.

Section Ipresents an overview of EU finances in 2013. Section II provides information on the budget revenue and describes the EU budget's own resources. It also explains a number of particularities such as the UK correction and other rebates, other revenue, donations and fines. Section III represents the main part of the report, covering the expenditure from the EU budget. It provides a comprehensive overview of the main programmes and projects financed from EU budgets from 2007 until 2013. Section IV includes six annexes which provide detailed information, with figures and charts on the past multiannual financial frameworks 2000–06 and 2007–13.

You can have a look at the interactive graph which presents the amount of EU funds paid out in each EU Member State, by main policy area of the EU budget (called "headings") for each year of the 2007-13 financial period. It also presents the amounts paid to the EU budget by EU Member States (mainly the VAT and GNI own resources), as well as the origin, by Member State, of the "traditional own resources" that finance the EU budget (sugar levies, customs duties and agricultural duties). You can also download all the detailed data tables.

The EU budget 2013 financial report is available on