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Amending the Budget to cover research, education, support to businesses and Cohesion Policy

The Commission is proposing to increase the 2014 level of payment appropriations by EUR 4.738 billion to cover legal obligations in research and innovation, education and support for small and medium-sized enterprises. Higher reimbursement claims from Member States in cohesion policy have to be addressed as well as the difficult situation in the Ukraine.

The Commission is proposing to use unallocated margins under the payment ceiling and recourse to the special instrument, the Contingency Margin1. However, the net cost to the Member States will be significantly lower, EUR 2.165 billion, as the Commission will cash in more than EUR 1.5 billion in additional revenue, mainly from competition fines as well as more than EUR 1 billion resulting from the implementation of the 2013 budget.

Draft amending budget 3 addresses the need for additional payments for EU programmes that have been beefed up to support Europe's economic recovery, growth and jobs: Horizon 2020 (research), the Youth Employment Initiative, Erasmus+ (education), COSME (support to businesses). Furthermore, several legislative acts have been concluded after the adoption of the 2014 budget and require more payment appropriations. Finally, some other programmes require a top-up to cover the requirements of the past year.

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Draft Amending Budget No 3 of the European Union for the financial year 2014