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Education chosen as EU budget priority by Commission's visitors

During the Open Doors Day of the EU institutions in Brussels on 17 May 2014 hundreds of visitors voiced their opinion on the priorities for the EU budget in a voting game. 15% of them would invest most of the resources from the EU budget on education and cultural heritage. Research and innovation was ranked as the second most-voted closely followed by EU support for job creation.

This interactive game attracted more than 1,200 visitors to the Commission’s Berlaymont building who indicated three out of twelve policy areas funded by the EU budget as the ones they considered most important. Students, parents with children, seniors, visitors from all over the world actively voiced their opinion. Based on their choices the graph below shows how these policy areas were prioritised by them.

This year's results largely confirm the choices of the visitors collected through the same poll in 2013, when voters favoured more the field of "Peace and stability in the world" instead of "Research and innovation". It is worth noting that the preferences voiced by this random group of people reflect the priorities of the current EU budget quite well. According to the poll, four out of ten respondents would invest most of the EU budget into the category "Smart and inclusive growth", to which 46% of the EU budget is being allocated between 2014 and 2020.

Though the game voting cannot be considered as a real opinion poll, it enabled the participants to be part of an exercise of prioritising certain spending areas according to what they felt it makes sense in the current economic context.

A number of visitors also contributed with concrete ideas for EU projects.

We would like to thank all visitors who came to our stand and we would like to meet and greet them again at Open Doors Day 2015!