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Draft budget 2014: Commission amends its proposal

The Commission has proposed to amend the 2014 EU draft budget, taking into consideration updated forecasts and estimates through the "Amending letter No. 2". The changes include a revision of the own resources based on a new forecast for customs duties and sugar levies to be collected in 2014.

The amending letter also covers the annual update of the estimates for agricultural expenditure and reduction in direct payments via the so called financial discipline mechanism. To reduce administrative costs in the next financial period (2014-2020), certain responsibilities for implementing EU policies would be delegated to executive agencies.

This is reflected in the proposal and will result in a reduction of EUR 4.9 million compared to the draft budget 2014 both in commitments and payments. Amending letter no. 1was proposed by the Commission on 18 September 2013. The amendment will be submitted to the Council and the European Parliament and will be included in the annual budgetary procedure.

More details are available in the Amending letter No. 2 documents.